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With Unacast’s Migration Patterns & Emerging Areas Data and Insights, Real Estate investors can:

Identify potential commercial hubs and areas of growth

Assess service availability by business categories

Identify areas with depleting populations

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Migration Patterns weekly insights

What are you looking to do?

By observing which areas are increasing in population especially with constituents of current prosperous areas, our partners are determining those areas most likely primed for growth and making early investment decisions.

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By understanding the change in population and the available services for a given area, our partners can determine if demand for certain services will outstrip availability, signalling demand potential for new markets.

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By identifying areas with great outflows, our partners can understand which regions are more susceptible to a depressed economy and act correspondingly to divest or increase investments as required.

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By looking at the rate of moves for different areas in the, our users can understand the difference in behavioral responses of people in rural, urban and suburban areas to nationwide events.

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How many people are visiting the assets in your portfolio?

Benchmark one or more locations’ ability to capture trade area

Discover patterns in peak visitation, repeat or lapsed visitors, or visitor mix

Find out which areas provide an investment opportunity

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Learn about our methodology and schema

Have questions about our methodology? Have a look at the articles and data schema below.

blog thumbnail - Unacast Launches Migration Patterns
Unacast Launches Migration Patterns
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Unacast Presents Emerging Areas
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Introducing Emerging Areas: Real Visibility into Human Migration
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Understanding Migration in the COVID age: Vanity Metrics Don’t Help

What can location data do for your business?

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